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A radiopharmaceutical kit is a product which is usually used after labeling with radioisotopes for diagnostic, therapeutic, or both (theranostics) purposes. A radiopharmaceutical kit is actually used to prepare a radiopharmaceutical and consists of a vial containing non-radionuclide chemical components, usually in the form of a sterilized product ready to add the appropriate radioisotope to be converted to the radiopharmaceutical. Parsisotope is one of the major manufacturers of radiopharmaceutical kits which produces various diagnostic and therapeutic kits and its main products are divided into three categories: theranostics, diagnostic / SPECT and diagnostic / PET kits.
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Theranostics is a combination of the two words Therapeutic and Diagnostics, and it is an emerging discipline in nuclear medicine in which drugs or techniques are used in combination for diagnosis and treatment. Parsisotope theranostic radiopharmaceutical kits are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes after being labeled with radionuclides which have suitable radiation for these purposes. These kits have the capability to be used for tracking and following up of the treatment with diagnostic imaging techniques such as SPECT or PET after treatment of the disease or the related cancer.


Technetium-99m is known as the most widely used radionuclide in nuclear medicine for diagnostic purposes and is used in morphology and dynamic imaging of many organs of the body to diagnose different types of diseases. SPECT diagnostic radiopharmaceutical kits are labeled with this radionuclide and then used to image various organs of the body with the SPECT device. Parsisotope Diagnostic / SPECT kits with high diversity and the capability to diagnose most of diseases or failures of various body organs (from brain to heart, liver and kidney) and the capability to detect different types of tumors and cancers (such as neuroendocrine tumors or prostate cancer) are among the important and strategic products of the company.


Nowadays, PET scanning device is known as one of the most modern, accurate and up-to-date tools of nuclear medicine in the world, so that it can determine the exact location of the tumor, progression and spread of the disease in the body. Parsisotope Diagnostic /PET radiopharmaceutical kits after being labelled with positron emitting radioisotopes are detectable by PET scanning device and are considered to be among the most up-to-date and efficient diagnostic kits.