Radionuclide generators are sort of source for the production of radioisotopes for preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. A radionuclide generator is a device that provides a radioactive material with a shorter half-life through decay of a parent radionuclide with a longer half-life. A cyclotron or reactor with special separation techniques is usually used to produce the parent radioisotopes. Parsisotope radionuclide generators are used for the labeling of radiopharmaceutical kits or directly by producing radioactive materials extracted from them.

This generator, which is capable of competing other technetium-99m generators produced in the world, is produced in Parsisotope Company in compliance with GMP requirements More

This product is designed to meet the GMP requirements, and it is produced in the Production and Development Center of Cyclotron Radiopharmaceuticals of Parsisotope Company and sent to nuclear medicine centers of applicant More

188W/188Re generator under the brand name of PARS Rhen is one of the most practical and strategic products of Parsisotope Company, from which Rhenium-188 is extracted in the form of sterile, isotonic and non-pyrogenic Sodium perrhenate (Na188ReO4) More

81Rb/81mKr generator with the brand name of Pars-KryptoGen is one of the cyclotronic products of Parsisotope Company More