Technology and production support unit
According to the approach of Parsisotope Company in the field of production of radiopharmaceuticals, industrial radioisotopes, providing nuclear equipment calibration services and technical and engineering services, various lines suitable for these products have been equipped in different parts of the company in Tehran and Karaj sites.
The main activities of the technology and production support unit include maintenance, repair and improvement of mechanical equipment, electrical installations and air conditioning of these lines, laboratories and clean rooms located in different sites of the company.
Moreover, due to the growing trend of the company’s activities in the field of production of various and new radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes also providing technical and engineering services required for nuclear sites and hospitals in the country, construction of new production lines to meet these needs in addition to design and manufacture of up to date equipment and devices is also on the agenda of this unit.
This unit has implemented a comprehensive maintenance system since 2016 in order to make maximum use of production capacities and prevent production lines from stopping. Related activities, including preventive maintenance (PM), condition monitoring (CM), organizing spare parts and warehousing for maintenance and repair, have significantly improved the efficiency of production lines. Also, making specific changes in production processes and equipping these lines has led to the optimal and diverse use of existing capacities.
It is worth mentioning that due to the sensitivity and lack of technical knowledge of equipment designing and manufacturing and lines related to the production of radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes outside Parsisotope Company, it is not possible to outsource the design and manufacture of the mentioned equipment. Therefore, all these are done by specialists of production lines and equipment design and manufacture at different sites of Parsisotope Company. It can be confidently said that Parsisotope is one of the few companies that provide most of the equipment for the production of radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes by themselves.
So far, several types of equipment have been designed and manufactured in this unit for the production of radiopharmaceuticals and various radioisotopes, which can mention the following:
– Design and construction of phosphorus radiopharmaceutical production line
– The first and the second editions of dispenser for the oral iodine capsule
– Four-axis tables for calibration of nuclear equipment
– Design and manufacture of different types of hot cell in accordance with cGMP’s aeration and quality standards
– Design and manufacture of shielded Gloveboxes
– Molybdenum-Technetium generators of Pars Tech II and design of a new edition called Pars Tech III
– Germanium-Gallium generator
– Tungsten-Rhenium generator
– Design and manufacture of calibration sources for PET imaging devices called germanium phantom
– Vial-soluble dispensers
– Design and manufacture of fully mechanized machine for the production of industrial MIBG
– Design and manufacture of different types of shielded containers for keeping radioactive materials
– Design and manufacture of yttrium resin injection machine