Design, research, development and production of PARS-TECTO PSMA diagnostic radiopharmaceutical kit for the first time in the world has been done by Parsisotope company for diagnosis of prostate cancer and its metastasis in various organs of the body, including skeletal and internal soft tissues using SPECT method.

This diagnostic radiopharmaceutical kit is an economical kit that after being labeled with a cheap and world widely available radiotracer Tc-99m, creates a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical which is used to diagnose prostate cancer. This radiopharmaceutical provides images of high quality and comparable to images of very expensive PET radiotracers. One of the most important benefits of this radiopharmaceutical kit is the elimination of the need for cyclotron in the nuclear medicine departments of hospitals.

The radiopharmaceutical resulting from this radiopharmaceutical kit binds to prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), which is a membrane glycoprotein, and its expression level increases with increasing tumor activity. Due to the very high selectivity, this radiopharmaceutical provides high quality images of cancer cells and various related metastases, which helps early diagnosis and therefore effective steps in the treatment of this type of cancer.


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