Under Research Products
Since our products are related to medicine and health, like any other pharmaceutical product, before entering the market and using by the public, it is necessary to go through the stages of research and results analysis for each product.
Pars Isotope, as the only custodian of the production and supply of radiopharmaceuticals in Iran, in line with scientific values, always has new products under study, research and clinical trial to be used by the nuclear medicine community after obtaining health approvals and proving efficiency.
Pars Isotope in the process of developing products under investigation and trial, while trying to protect the rights and health of participants in trials and keep their information confidential, is committed to strive to achieve valuable and citable results, adhere to the approvals of pharmaceutical ethics committees, notice to the highest clinical, scientific and ethical standards and consider all scientific policies, values and perspectives. In addition, Pars Isotope considers its own duty to record protocols related to clinical trials with full details in order to improve the scientific quality of the research.
Some of our products that are currently under research and clinical trials can be found as follows: