Environmental dosimeter

Environmental dosimetera

After the recognition of gamma-ray by humans, the use of this penetrating spectrum of electromagnetic waves quickly expanded in various fields so that in many diagnostic methods, the treatment of cancerous tumors and industrial radiography, we witness the increasing use of this nuclear beam. For example, since these waves benefit from a high ability to penetrate the inner parts and structures, using them in industrial radiography as one of the most efficient non-destructive testing methods is of great importance in the industry.

Gamma-ray is a type of electromagnetic wave with a very short wavelength that varies in the range of 1 to 0.01 angstroms. Its mass is zero on the atomic scale, its speed is equal to the speed of light, and its electric charge is zero; moreover, the gamma-ray energy changes from 10 KeV volts to 10 MeV. The penetration strength of gamma rays is much higher than beta and alpha particles. The energy spectrum of gamma rays is the same as single-energy alpha particles, which means all gamma photons resulting from a radioactive element have the same energy. In terms of energy, this beam is very similar to X-rays, but there are two significant differences among them. First of all, the origin of X-rays is an atomic reaction, while the origin of gamma rays is a nuclear interaction. Secondly, the spectrum of gamma rays compared to X-rays is more focused and coherent. Gamma-ray is at the end of the spectrum and above the X-ray region.

The environmental dosimeter of Pars Isotope Company is designed and manufactured for gamma-ray monitoring. This device, which uses the Geiger-Mueller LND78014 detector, can be used in industrial, medical and laboratory environments for detecting gamma rays.

The special characteristics of this dosimeter include high sensitivity, wide measurement range (from the normal background (1 μSv/h) to emergency levels (0.1 mSv/h)) and short response time (one second).

This dosimeter is made of anti-scratch plexiglass, L316 steel and 7075 aluminum. Also, it is resistant to impact. The mode of display and information transfer in the device indicates seven segments. This device has sound and alarm signals. In addition, it can be connected to a PC.