PARS-GalluGEN , generatour



68Ge/68Ga generator under the brand name of Pars-GalluGen is one of the most important products of Cyclotron and one of the strategic products of Parsisotope Company. The product of this generator is Gallium chloride (68GaCl3), which is obtained through elution process with 0.1 molar Hydrochloric acid. The long half-life of 68Ge/68Ga generator (271 days) and the short half-life of 68GaCl3 (about 68 minutes) as its product have caused this generator to be highly regarded in nuclear medicine applications.
Ga-68, one of the most widely used radionuclides in nuclear medicine, is used in PET imaging. Ga-68 is used to label various peptides such as DOTATATE, DOTANOC, PSMA and specifically in the diagnosis of various types of cancers.
This product is designed to meet the GMP requirements, and it is produced in the Production and Development Center of Cyclotron Radiopharmaceuticals of Parsisotope Company and sent to nuclear medicine centers of applicant.
It should be noted that only a few countries (USA, Russia, Germany and South Africa) in the world have the technology to produce this generator, and by producing this product, not only could Parsisotope Company meet the needs of the country, but also the company could earn foreign exchange income for the country.


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