81Rb/81mKr generator with the brand name of Pars-KryptoGen is one of the cyclotronic products of Parsisotope Company. The product of this generator is krypton-81m gas, which is obtained by consolidation of rubidium-81 radionuclide on a membrane so that the daughter radionuclide (krypton-81m) is washed away by passing air through the membrane. Exhaust air from the generator enters the patient’s lungs. The 81Rb/81mKr generator system is used to study the ventilation of lung areas in patients with pulmonary embolism or obstructive pulmonary disease. The appeal of krypton for these applications is due to its desirable physical properties, including its 13.1 seconds half-life. The short half-life allows the management of larger amounts of activity for better imaging, while still absorption of the radiation dose for the patient is at a low level.


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