188W/188Re generator under the brand name of PARS Rhen is one of the most practical and strategic products of Parsisotope Company, from which Rhenium-188 is extracted in the form of sterile, isotonic and non-pyrogenic Sodium perrhenate (Na188ReO4).
Over the past three decades, 188Re-labeled small molecule radiopharmaceuticals have been reported, including peptides, antibodies, lipiodol, and other particles.
Successful use of 188Re-labeled radiopharmaceuticals has been reported for controlling the growth and treatment of primary liver tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, neuroendocrine gland interventions, and pain relief for bone metastases.
The Re-188 radioisotope with a high beta emission capability, has got an average energy of 784 kV and a maximum energy of 2.12 MeV, which is sufficient for the penetration and destruction of abnormal target tissues. In addition, this radioisotope has gamma radiation of 155 kV, which makes it efficient for imaging and dosimetry calculations. These features has made Re-188 a widely used radioisotope for clinical uses.
Moreover, the availability of the Re-188 via an 188W/188Re generator with a sensible half-life of 70 days is an important feature that allows installation in hospitals or nuclear medicine centers and provides affordable access without the need for an additional carrier (NCA).
It should be noted that only a few countries (about five countries) in the world have the technology to produce this generator, which Iran is one of these countries, and this generator is produced under the requirements of GMP by Iranian experts in Parsisotope Company.


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