MDP radiopharmaceutical kit

Synthesis of the active ingredient of MDP radiopharmaceutical kit by Pars Isotope

The active ingredient of MDP radiopharmaceutical kit, Pars Isotope’s second most used kit, was synthesized by our colleagues using an exclusive method.
An active ingredient is any ingredient that provides biologically active or other direct effects in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or affects the structure or any function of the body.
The most important achievement of this success is cutting off our dependence on foreign countries and ultimately reducing costs. The MDP kit is used to detect bone metastases. After labeling with Tc-99m, this kit can be used for the bone imaging in the following cases: detection of lesions and abnormal bone growth, follow-up of bone metastases, detection of hidden fractures in radiography, diagnosis of osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone or bone marrow due to factors such as bacteria, fungus and virus), Assessment of hip prostheses infection, Diagnosis of increased osteoclast activity (Paget)
Pars Isotope Co. is about to establish new methods for the synthesis of previously developed compounds. In this way, adding new compounds to our company’s products portfolio will be possible soon.