Utilizing radiopharmaceuticals; prosperity of health diplomacy

Radiopharmaceutical technology is the prosperity of health diplomacy. This diplomacy should be considered as the missing link of the country’s soft power in global equations, which has been neglected until now due to the lack of inter-organizational cooperation.”
Pouria Adeli, the secretary of the drug and medical equipment commission of the healthcare system, in an interview with IMNA News Agency, mentioned the achievements of Pars Isotope and the practical function of radiopharmaceuticals in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
He said: “radiopharmaceuticals have a significant role in treating patients who are suffering from cancer, and treatment of these patients must be considered as a clinical process. Depending on the type of disease, oncologists may use chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and in some cases, radiopharmaceuticals to cure patients.”
Adeli added in another part of this conversation: “Currently, due to the efforts of young scientists and efficient managers of our country, we have joined the limited group of producers of radiopharmaceuticals.”
Pars Isotope, as the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals in Iran, with the primary goal of improving the public health of society, always seeks to produce new radiopharmaceuticals in line with the latest science in the world. Pars Isotope Co. gets this mission accomplished through the use of skilled and efficient human resources and the use of advanced equipment.