Pharmaceutical Products Catalog

Updates on Pars Isotope’s Pharmaceutical Products Catalog

The latest catalog of our pharmaceutical products is now accessible and downloadable. This catalog includes the latest version of pharmaceutical products by Pars Isotope Co.
This catalog consists of 4 main sections:
The first part is dedicated to radiopharmaceutical kits. This section provides all information about diagnostic radiopharmaceutical/SPECT kits and theranostic kits. Due to their high diversity, diagnostic radiopharmaceutical/SPECT kits enable the diagnosis of various diseases and cancers in nuclear medicine. Moreover, theranostic radiopharmaceutical kits in this collection are prepared through labeling by Lu-177 and Re-188 and are considered as the most up-to-date radiopharmaceutical kits of their kind.
The second part belongs to radionuclide generators. PARSTEC-II, PARS-Krypto, PARS-GalluGEN and PARS-Rhen generators are listed along with their technical specifications. These generators are used in the production of diagnostic (SPECT and PET) and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.
The third part of the catalog consists of Ready-to-use radiopharmaceuticals. This section of the catalog is divided into five main subcategories: Diagnostic/SPECT Radiopharmaceuticals, Diagnostic/PET Radiopharmaceuticals, Pain Relief Radiopharmaceuticals, Radiosynovectomies and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals. Information about these various radiopharmaceuticals along with their practical applications can be found in this section.
The fourth part is dedicated to radionuclides. Pars Isotope Co. is a pioneer in inventing and optimizing novel and advanced methods for production of radioisotopes and building suitable systems for the separation of radioisotopes. This company has always been successful in producing medicinal radioisotopes with the best quality and the highest percentage of purity. These radioisotopes are used in the production of therapeutic and diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals. This section is divided into two categories: reactor radionuclides and cyclotron radionuclides.
Furthermore, materials about packaging, quality control of products and company services are provided. Our valid certificates and our contact information are also included.