The Spanish Version of Pars Isotope’s website has been launched

The website of Pars Isotope was activated in Spanish as the only source of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine news in Iran.
Spanish is recognized as the third most popular language and is spoken by about 500 million people around the world as their mother tongue. Furthermore, this language is the fourth most commonly used language at the international level. As modern communication and transportation systems bring the world closer together, languages define how we can relate to others and learn about different cultures. Due to its prominent use in South America, Spanish is recognized as an international language, and it is also recognized as the most commonly used language in the Western Hemisphere.
The Pars Isotope website has now been launched in Spanish, in addition to Persian, English and Arabic languages. Undoubtedly, this will have a significant influence on the procedure of improving communication with Pars Isotope’s customers and stakeholders in the Latin American and Spanish-speaking areas.
The link to Pars Isotope’s Spanish website can be found here: