The presence of Pars Isotope at the 17th International Breast Cancer Congress

The 17th International Breast Cancer Congress, supported by Pars Isotope, was held from the 28th February to the 1st of March. This symposium was organized by the Cancer Research Center at Shohadaye Tajrish Educational and Research Medical Center, and alongside it, there was also an exhibition, and one of the booths was dedicated to Pars Isotope Company.
During the exhibition days, the Pars Isotope booth hosted specialized breast cancer surgeons and oncologists who had questions about Pars Isotope’s diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for breast cancer.
Additionally, one of the presentations at this symposium was related to FAPI radiopharmaceuticals, a new product of Pars Isotope, which, after passing preclinical and clinical stages, its results for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment were presented at this symposium.
Ga-68-FAPI 2286 radiopharmaceutical has shown good performance in diagnosing breast cancer and its various metastases, and subsequently, Lu-177-FAPI radiopharmaceutical was successful in treatment as well. The diagnostic part results of this research were published in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, and it was also one of the important topics discussed at this symposium.