The new phantom manufactured by Pars Isotope Co. received approval from Imam Khomeini Hospital in Tehran.

The new cylindrical phantom manufactured by Pars Isotope, which is used for the daily calibration of the PET imaging system of the GE-type, received technical approval from Imam Khomeini Hospital in Tehran.
In recent years, the PET scan nuclear imaging system has turned from a first-class imaging tool into a technique that can be effective in diagnosing and monitoring the treatment of a wide range of diseases by providing quantitative and qualitative data. Moreover, the use of such data in clinical trials is increasing in order to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of new drugs.
The new phantom produced by Pars Isotope is designed and manufactured specifically for PET scan imaging systems with the GE brand. This phantom easily provides the country’s nuclear medicine centers (which are equipped with a GE-branded PET scan imaging system) with the possibility of daily calibration practical for performance confirmation.