The managers and news editors of IRIB made a visit to Pars Isotope Co.

A group of managers and news editors of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization visited the production hall of Pars Isotope on February 7, 2022, and got acquainted with the production process of products and their application.
According to the report published by Pars Isotope’s public relations, a group of managers and news editors of IRIB visited Pars Isotope’s production hall in order to learn more about the usage and examples of radiopharmaceuticals in the field of health and diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancers. In addition, the production manager of reactor radiopharmaceuticals, the production manager of radiopharmaceutical kits, and the CEO of Pars Isotope Co., provided visitors with some explanations during this visit. More than 50 types of radiopharmaceutical products are produced in Pars Isotope Company. These products were briefly described to visitors during the visit.
While the level of awareness and knowledge advances among people, they can solve their problems in the field of health much more easily. Today, with the proliferation of mass media, the role of journalists in conveying the correct news is significant. Pars Isotope, as the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals in Iran and according to its leading mission, promoting the level of general health in the society, is trying to raise the level of its interaction with the news community.