Pars-GalluGEN generator

Production of Pars-GalluGEN generator with the maximum amount of output activity

Pars-GalluGEN generator, which is one of the significant and strategic products of Pars Isotope, is produced and supplied with the maximum output activity value of 70mCi.
This generator is the main source of Ga-68 radioisotope elution. Gallium-68 is an essential radioisotope in PET imaging, which after labeling with various peptides such as DOTATATE, FAPI, PSMA, etc., can be used for the diagnosis of various types of cancers.
Pars Isotope is among the limited number of radiopharmaceutical manufacturing companies worldwide that produce and supply this generator. Now with the production of the Pars-GalluGEN generator with Germanium-68 loaded activity of 120mCi and Gallium-68 output activity of 70mCi, it can be said that Pars-GalluGEN is the most potent Ge-68/Ga-68 generator.
The paper based on research, review, and production of this generator has been accepted at the 35th Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) and published in Springer Journal.
This product is custom-made in compliance with GMP requirements at the cyclotron radiopharmaceuticals production and development center of Pars Isotope Company.