the SASNM congress in South Africa

Presence of Pars Isotope Co. at the SASNM congress in South Africa

Pars Isotope, as the exclusive producer and supplier of radiopharmaceuticals in Iran, will be present at the congress and exhibition of the most active African Nuclear Medicine Society known as SASNM on 24-27 August 2023 in Port Elizabeth.
Nuclear medicine is recognized as an independent specialty in many South African hospitals and private medical centers. Moreover, further training is offered in most South African tertiary education institutions in the field of nuclear medicine.
The South African Society of Nuclear Medicine (SASNM) was established in 1974. This society is one of the oldest and probably the most active nuclear medicine associations in the African continent. SASNM has approximately 200 members, including nuclear medicine specialists, physicists, radiopharmacists, and scientists from various specialties. The purpose of this association is to promote and develop nuclear medicine through the accumulation and dissemination of scientific and technical information. The biennial SASNM Congress has grown from just 20 attendees in its first year to over 230 attendees in 2021. Alongside the congress, there are exciting social events and exhibition opportunities that provide an opportunity to discuss developments, challenges, best practices, and the future of nuclear medicine in Africa.
Now, after several cases of successful presence in Asian, European and South American countries, Pars Isotope will be present in Africa for the first time to display the variety, extent and quality of its products. Pars Isotope as the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals in Iran, will host visitors and experts in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.