One-day Seminar


The Role of Radiopharmaceuticals in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Pars Isotope is the main sponsor of the one-day seminar “The role of radiopharmaceuticals in cancer diagnosis and treatment”, organized by the Research Institute for Oncology, Hematology and Cell Therapy. This seminar will be held on Thursday, May 12, 2022, from 8:30 to 14:30 in the conference hall of Tehran Heart Hotel (Shahid Rajaei Cardiovascular Training, Research and Treatment Center).
Every year, 112,000 people in the country are diagnosed with various types of cancer, and this disease will be the cause of 80% of deaths in Iran within the next 15 years.
Cancer is one of the main issues in human societies and despite all the progress made and the published statistics, it has caused the death of ten million people worldwide during the last year. New diagnostic and therapeutic methods can play an effective role in improving patients’ quality of life and increasing the chance of definitive treatment. The use of radiopharmaceuticals can be assumed as one of these new methods, which shows a great effectiveness in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Pars Isotope, as the exclusive producer of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals in Iran, considers the support of scientific events as one of its social responsibilities. In line with this responsibility, we strive to promote and support meetings focused on radiopharmaceuticals and their application in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, with the aim of promoting public health in the community.
By supporting this seminar on “The role of radiopharmaceuticals in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer” we are going to provide an opportunity not only for awareness raising, but also for knowledge exchange among specialists in the field.
If you are Interested, you can follow this scientific event live and online via the Pars Isotope’s Aparat page @parsisotope.