Holding a preclinical imaging conference With the special participation of Pars Isotope

The sixth symposium on the usage of imaging in preclinical research was held on November 17th and 18th with the support of Pars Isotope Co. This conference was organized by the pre-clinical laboratory of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in the central building of this university. In addition, an exhibition was held beside this conference, and one of the booths was dedicated to Pars Isotope.
During this event, dozens of doctors, medical physics specialists, and students in the field of medical sciences paid a visit to the Pars Isotope booth, and they were familiarized with the company’s achievements. Pars Isotope displayed the ParsTech diagnostic generator and radiopharmaceutical kits in its booth and explained to the visitors its methods of performing preclinical tests and determining the effectiveness of radiopharmaceuticals.
Preclinical research is an essential stage of pharmaceutical development that involves testing the safety and efficacy of a drug before experimenting on humans. Pre-clinical studies using imaging devices is an interdisciplinary and modern field with several usages and great importance in medical sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, radiology, and medical physics.
Among the applications of pre-clinical imaging, we can mention the examination of live laboratory animals besides reducing the cost, time, and number of studied samples. These tests are more helpful and crucial in the production of sensitive drugs such as radiopharmaceuticals.
The headquarters of the conference had invited Pars Isotope to take part in the organization of this conference all through the holding procedure, and Pars Isotope participated as one of the main sponsors of the conference to fulfill its social responsibility and promote medical and pharmacy knowledge.