Collaboration between Pars Isotope and MAHAK Charity

Recently, Pars Isotope had a collaboration with the MAHAK Charity (Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer) in order to supply and allocate some of its products to the nuclear medicine department of MAHAK Hospital.
Mr. Davarpanah, CEO of Pars Isotope, while visiting the PET / CT Center of MAHAK Hospital, had met the CEO of the MAHAK Charity, Mr. Nezam Mafi, and several officials and managers of this hospital to exchange views towards the allocation of FDG radiopharmaceutical and PARS-GalluGEN generator as well as participation in construction of the ward of radioisotope therapy and supply of the needed radioisotopes. Fortunately, with the help of the CEO of Pars Isotope, new perspectives on the application of nuclear medicine for children with cancer were opened at MAHAK Hospital.
MAHAK Pediatric Cancer Specialized Hospital has been operating since April 2007 with the permission of the Ministry of Health. Since then, the hospital has been run only by the help of donors. MAHAK Hospital is the only specialized pediatric cancer center in Iran and one of the largest specialized centers in the Middle East. It should be noted that the PET / CT ward of this hospital was set up in the summer of 2021. This hospital provides children who are suffering from cancer with free services according to the percentage of their support coverage.