CEO of Pars Isotope: We are moving on the frontier of radiopharmaceutical science

Mr. Mohammadreza Davarpanah, the CEO of Pars Isotope, on Friday, December 29th, 2023, at the closing ceremony of the 24th Iran Nuclear Medicine Congress, said: Pars Isotope is on par with other major companies worldwide in the production of new therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, and we are moving on the frontier of radiopharmaceutical science.
He continued: Nowadays, Pars Isotope is present in the most prominent conferences and exhibitions worldwide, the last of which was the nuclear medicine conferences of Latin America (ALASBIMN) and Europe (EANM), where considerable companies were present, and Pars Isotope was well remembered there. It is the result of nearly five decades of efforts in the field of nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals in Iran.
The CEO of the exclusive producer of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals in Iran continued: Even some developed countries are moving slowly towards producing new radiopharmaceuticals due to the lack of easy access to radioisotopes. Fortunately, the necessary equipment and facilities are available in Iran, and we firmly declare that we are among the top three countries in this field in Asia. Our existing requests from Asian, Oceania, and Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil are a confirmation of this issue.
By the end, he pointed out that to produce radiopharmaceuticals we need three significant parameters: expert human resources, equipment besides innovation and ultimately distribution. In our country, there is no shortage or problem in the first two parts, but we have problems in the distribution of radiopharmaceuticals. More than 70% of the distribution of radiopharmaceuticals both inside and outside the country must be done through airlines, which we have problems in this field. We hope to solve this weakness with the cooperation of the country’s administrators. Then, we will have a remarkable leap in the radiopharmaceutical industry, which will be the outcome of the efforts of Pars Isotope experts and the clinical research of you doctors.