BRICS 2024

CEO of Pars Isotope at the BRICS 2024: Paying attention to the supply chain and the value of radiopharmaceuticals is one of the important points.

Mr. Mohammadreza Davarpanah, CEO of Pars Isotope, stated at the nuclear medicine specialized meeting of BRICS members in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 20, 2024: Paying attention to the supply chain and value of radiopharmaceuticals is one of the most important issues for all members.
The BRICS is an international group led by emerging economic powers. BRICS is an acronym representing a group of five major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Since 2009, the BRICS countries have started meeting annually at formal summits, which Russia is hosting this year. The first high-level BRICS International Forum on Nuclear Medicine was take place in St. Petersburg on 20–21 June 2024. The Russian Ministry of Health and Rosatom State Corporation are the organizers of the Forum.
The event was attended by heads of BRICS health ministries and relevant agencies responsible for cooperation in nuclear medicine, prominent figures from scientific centers in this field, as well as developers and manufacturers of radiopharmaceuticals from major companies around the world. About 200 people including BRICS oncology and treatment centers, research organizations and higher education institutions also participated in this meeting.
From Iran, Mr Mohammadreza Davarpanah, CEO of Pars Isotope, gave a presentation on important issues such as the supply chain and value of radiopharmaceuticals, the possibility of technology sharing and scientific issues. The presentation of a complete report on the situation of radiopharmaceuticals in the world, BRICS countries and Iran, as well as the examination of the weaknesses and strengths of the member countries and the use of each other’s capacities in the supply of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, were among the other axes of the speech of the CEO of Pars Isotope. According to the discussed topics, his words were considered important for most of the speakers and they referred to his words in the continuation of their talks and used many of the points raised by him.
Today, nuclear medicine is one of the focuses of developing a personalized approach with advanced technology to diagnose and treat a variety of cancerous and non-cancerous diseases. Therefore, this forum can serve as an effective platform for presenting developments in nuclear medicine and a starting point in consolidating the efforts of BRICS countries to further promote nuclear medicine.