A visual report of the first scientific symposium and gathering of technologists working in the country’s nuclear medicine centers.

The first symposium and scientific gathering of technologists working in the country’s nuclear medicine centers on the topic of preparation and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals was held on June 13, 2024, at the Kharazmi Hall of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, under the auspices of Pars Isotope and partner scientific associations.
The symposium, which was attended by nearly 180 technologists working in nuclear medicine centers across the country, was officially opened with the speech of Mr. Engineer Davarpanah, the CEO of Pars Isotope. In his speech, Engineer Davarpanah welcomed the participants and pointed out the level of production and quality of Pars Isotope’s products, asking them to update their knowledge according to Pars Isotope’s new products.
In addition, Dr. Razavi, head of the Nuclear Medicine Association of Iran, while thanking Pars Isotope for the timely supply and preparation of radiopharmaceuticals throughout Iran, asked the participants to report their technical and specialized problems by participating in this conference.
Dr. Beiki, Vice President of the Iranian Society of Nuclear Medicine, also, spoke about nuclear medicine technology, the general history of nuclear medicine in Iran and the world in the past, present and future, and answered the technologists’ questions.
Next, other speakers explained very informative points to the audience with topics such as important points in labeling radiopharmaceutical kits, elution of the molybdenum generator/technetium, quality control of radiopharmaceuticals, and radiation protection methods in the face of radiopharmaceuticals.
At the end, a consensus panel was formed with the presence of the head of the collaborating scientific associations (Iran Nuclear Medicine Association, Iran Nuclear Pharmaceutical Association and Medical Physics Association) and the head of the Radiology Department of the Radiation Protection Office along with the CEO of Pars Isotope. In this panel, the audience raised their technical questions and challenges one by one and received appropriate answers from the panel members.
Also, after the panel, the visitors visited Tehran’s research reactor and radiopharmaceutical production laboratories at Pars Isotope. Due to the rare reception of the participants of this symposium, it will be possible to hold it in the coming years.