A meeting with the presence of nuclear medicine centers equipped with PET imaging systems was held.

The phantoms produced by Pars Isotope in the past two years and used in nuclear medicine centers equipped with PET imaging systems were discussed and evaluated during the meeting held on Thursday, 14th December 2023.
In this meeting, where representatives of nuclear medicine centers with PET imaging systems and all the phantom production specialists were present, the guests were asked to state the observed defects and their expectations of the Pars Isotope phantom.
This meeting, which could be considered a technical consultation gathering, continued with the views of the representatives of the nuclear medicine centers. Finally, it was decided that for the complete improvement of Pars Isotope phantoms, a working group including production specialists and official medical physicists from the centers should be formed to identify the tiniest quality defects in the phantoms.
Germanium-Gallium phantom is a kind of strategic equipment for calibrating and ensuring the correct function of PET imaging systems. Also, centers equipped with PET imaging systems require this equipment to be permitted to continue their work.