The guests of the International Islamic Unity Conference had a visit to Pars Isotope

On the eve of the birthday of the Holy Prophet of Islam and Unity Week, a group of guests from the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference visited Pars Isotope Company.
On Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, about 50 guests of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference, who were educated personalities, scholars, muftis and political figures of Islamic countries, professors of universities and other scientific and cultural associations inside and outside the country, visited the radiopharmaceuticals production hall of Pars Isotope in Tehran.
In this visit, the managers of Pars Isotope’s departments of public relations, production of reactor radiopharmaceuticals, production of radiopharmaceutical kits , marketing and sales were present and while welcoming the guests they provide the guests with information about the way of production, variety, application and distribution of Pars Isotope products which can be used for diagnosis and treatment of various types of diseases and cancers as well as the ability to meet the needs of all nuclear medicine centers in Iran and to export abroad.
The purpose of the International Islamic Unity Conference is creating unity and solidarity among Muslims, developing consensus among scholars and scientists to approximate their scientific and cultural viewpoints and presenting practical solutions in order to reach the Islamic Unity and Unified Islamic Ummah in the Islamic World and solving the problems of Muslims and presenting solutions for them. Visiting scientific and production centers is one of the annual programs of the members of this conference. This year, Pars Isotope, as the only custodian of production and supply of radiopharmaceuticals in Iran, was one of the destinations of visitors and guests.