Pars Isotope supports the fifth “Iranian Particle Accelerator Conference”

Pars Isotope is one of the main sponsors of the 5th “Iranian Particle Accelerator Conference” which will be held on December 29 and 30, 2021. Moreover, one of our experts and colleagues is going to have a speech about cyclotron radiopharmaceuticals, research and the company’s ongoing projects, at the official opening ceremony of the conference. During this event, with the presence of a limited number of prominent officials from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Vice President for Science and Technology, the development of particle accelerators and their applications will be discussed.
The science of accelerators is one of the most advanced and pioneer sciences in the world today. As a large number of the humans achievements in technology comes from centers that works extensively on the development and application of accelerators. This conference focuses on topics such as “Physics of accelerators, design and construction of accelerators and related equipment and the use of accelerators in science, industry and medicine.”
Getting informed of the activities carried out in the field of construction and application of accelerators by different universities and centers of the country and sharing experiences in this field is one of the main objectives of this conference.