Radioisotope Development & Production For Industrial & Medical Applications


Co-60 Point sources

Gamma Sources Metal grains of cobalt-60 encapsulated in welded stainless steel capsules are availabele in the following


nominal activities:

Nominal activity of available source



3.7 - 370

0.1 - 10

3700 - 370

10 - 100

3700 - 11100

100 - 300


Level Switch:

For standard application very low source activities can be used. This enables the use of small shielding with small control areas. Using the high sensitive probes allow level measurement of large vessels and thick wall pipes.


  • can be used on extremely thick walled vessels.
  • can be used on vessels with large inner diameters and measuring paths.
Co-60 Point sources

Co-60 Point sources

Co-60 Point sources

Co-60 Point sources