Radioisotope Development & Production For Industrial & Medical Applications


Dose Calibrator RAMS-88

The RAMS-88 Radionuclide calibrator enables users to measure activity of radioactive isotopes as used for medical applications in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine and industrial applications as well.

This instrument is designed in a way to fullfill all customers’ needs for different applications in nuclear medicine. The display and keyboard panel with its flat keys is specially designed for intuitive handling and easy cleaning in case of contamination. The measuring results can either be displayed in Ci or Bq.

 The pressurized well-type ionization chamber has nearly 4П measuring geometry and connects to the display unit by a 1.7m connection cable. The display unit is supplied with an RS-232 interface.



Nuclear data:
20 radionuclides in library, Extra 28 radionuclides can be added by user
Ionization chamber :
Chamber dimensions: 32 cm(H)×17.5 cm (d).
 Well dimensions: 20 cm(H)×5 cm(d)
 Energy: 20 keV – 3 MeV gamma ray, 100 keV – 4 MeV beta ray
 Effective volume: 2 lit
 Pressure: 5 bar
 Cable length: 1.7m
 Auto range activity: up to 370 GBq (10 Ci)
 Resolution: 0.01 MBq (0.1 µCi)
Display screen:

Dot matrix liquid crystal display 64×240 pixels
Direct reading in Ci and Bq
User selected or fixed reading
Value display radionuclide name (atomic symbol, mass number), calibration                  number and shortcut keys


 Accuracy: Within ±2%
 Linearity: Within ±1.5%
 Reproducibility: Within ±2% in 24 hours
 Measuring modes: Activity & current
 Current measurement: 10 fA- 0.5 µA with 10 fA resolution
 Warm up time: 120 sec
Dose Calibrator RAMS-88